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May 23 2018

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…and their Mother

May 22 2018

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castley cloudy thing? ( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)˚๐*˟ ♡

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Summer Pastels (by Trevor Anderson)

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May 21 2018

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Afternoon sunlight in Meldon Bluebell Woods by Miles

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practicing drawing clouds🍑✨(colors inspired by @8pxl )

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in their shadow

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Wildflowers on Mount Hood, Oregon (by matt macpherson)

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If you enjoy the cat loaves stickers, then you’ll enjoy the main artwork I contributed to the zine too! I can’t believe I haven’t posted this here yet!

Be on the look out in my shop come Monday 1/29/18 because I plan to restock prints of this. They sold out pretty quick the first time.  You can be able to receive email notifications from store by “Watching” it.

May 20 2018

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May 19 2018

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Been doing some outdoor painting past few days, completed forgot the amount of insects you have to deal with, wanted to illustrate something inspired by that


May 17 2018

May 16 2018

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dream place


you have to get yourself out of bad places. you need to resist the temptation to let everything slip and become apathetic & cynical toward yourself and your life. you need to accept that it takes time to change and it’s ok to fall over as long as u get back up. every morning is a new start and things don’t have to be this way forever. you can heal and you can change.

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Landscape Language

Lentic (adj) – relating to still water

Last week’s Landscape Language post was on lotic, or moving, water systems. In comparison, lentic ecosystems refer to still water environments. Lentic systems include all the lakes, tarns, and other still bodies of water in the park. While some organisms can live in both lotic and lentic systems, many adapt to one or the other. What plants or animals have you seen in the park’s lentic environments?

NPS/A Spillane Photo of a still lake surrounded by forest reflecting a view of Mount Rainier. ~kl

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The bluest of blue

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click to see a spooky ghost

mini i would honest to god die for you

May 15 2018


there’s some kind of magic feeling about cities at night I can’t explain with words

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