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February 08 2018


Here’s an appreciation post for supportive friends!

Thank you so so much for existing! Thank you for being there to vent to any time I feel upset, I know that you’ll immediately drop everything the moment I come to you with a problem and listen and you always know exactly what to say

I know that no matter how bad I feel, after talking to you I’ll feel infinitely happier. Even if none of the circumstances have changed you manage to find within me that thread of unconditional inner peace and you build it up to be a rope i can grasp on to!

Every tiny step of progress I make towards recovery is taken seriously by you and you’re always telling me how proud you are of me and that is what keeps me on track and keeps me going!

Even in the cold rainy winter, when I’m with you it’s the happiest summer day 💙 Thank you so much for being my best friend and constantly giving so much and never expecting anything in return, you’re the person I aspire to be.


10 ways to be a blessing to other people:

  1. Buy a bunch of flowers, give it to someone who needs it
  2. Become an organ donor/donate some blood
  3. Pick up some rubbish you see on the ground, tidy up common places like shared kitchens or offices
  4. Buy gloves for a homeless person! Fingers get cold so easily
  5. Donate books you don’t read anymore to the library
  6. Find out who lives near you and offer to give them a lift to school/work
  7. Compliment people if you think they look nice or have done a good job! Life is too short to let appreciation go unsaid
  8. Go for a walk and pull out the weeds
  9. Talk to your grandparents more/the elderly people in your life, offer to spend more time with them or help them with things
  10. Leave a note of appreciation for someone

Lazy Writing Prompt #320


Two people who hate each other in real life are unaware that they are best friends online. 

Lazy Writing Prompt #321


There’s a boy covered in dirt who lives in my closet. He’s kind of shy, but he’s okay for a ghost, I guess.

Lazy Writing Prompt #329


“Literally everything about this is illegal.”

“That’s why we’re having fun.”

“I’m not having fun.”

“That’s why I’m having fun.”

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a wholesome meme

Lazy Writing Prompt #339


“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I totally do.”

“Right, then why are you hugging me?”

“I plan to kill you with kindness. Slowly. Painfully.”

“Yeah, I’m clearly in so much pain.”


Shopping Saga: Imagine your brotp going shopping at IKEA. How long does it take for them to find what they’re looking for? Do they get lost?

Who tries to make the other laugh by attempting to pronounce the names of the products or make puns with them?

Who is more prone to getting distracted or wander off, and does the other insist on holding hands or linking arms so they don’t get separated?

Who insists on trying out all the seats, regardless of whether that’s what they’ve come to buy?

Who is the first to use a cart as a scooter, and does the other try to stop them or do they grab their phone to film it?

Who’s the curious one who wants to explore everything, and who wants to head to the section they need as soon as possible?

Who’s more likely to drop or bump into something and then loudly declare their innocence or start whistling as they walk off in an act of nonchalance that fools absolutely no one?

February 07 2018


I want purple pink sunsets and mountains and a big comfy sweater and driving with the windows down to the smell of evergreens while looking at someone who I love so much I think my heart might burst


listen if you think someone is cool and you dig their energy you just have to tell them, because that’s the kind of stuff you remember a thousand times longer than somebody complimenting your hair or whatever. tonight I told a girl from my theory class that I like her analytical approach and she bounced back at me saying she digs my feminine energy and how she gets the vibe that, to my core, I exist to uplift women and I damn near cried. tell people what resonates about them. be real. help each other feel seen.


i crave affection!!!!!!! someone please hug me for 3 days straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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everyone in the household uses a different color marker to write on the kitchen whiteboard

February 06 2018

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playing games




2 types of friendship


@polarizedsam @her0isms

the important 3rd kind

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Me @ all my mutuals

it me

Me @ online people 



one last thing and i’m officially over it: communication is very important. please please PLEASE talk to someone if something they did bothers you. your friend said something that upset you? tell them “hey you upset me”. if they care about you, they’ll stop doing it and this little misunderstanding will be forgotten. whatever issues you have, all this can be talked out

#don’t let it build up without ever saying anything and then just leave


Real friendship is sitting on the same bed and sending each other dumb memes and cat pictures on tumblr


I promise to give you a home you can always come back to.

February 05 2018


Shopping Saga: Imagine your brotp going shopping together. Who blows all their spending money at once and who’s very careful about making a purchase?

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