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February 29 2020

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A penguin with some realizations about phone time. Being aware of how you feel when you spend time on your phone is good, just in case it is draining you without you realizing!

February 28 2020


Fortunately I am immune to canon.

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this dog looks like this song sounds

@totsnthots us

how accurate is the soundtrack tho

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Don’t we all, Justin?

February 27 2020


it is past time we jettisoned the useless false dichotomy of introversion vs. extroversion and just accepted that everybody has a minimum amount of social interaction, failing which, they get really weird. and everybody has a maximum amount of social interaction, exceeding which, they get really weird. these levels are different for everyone, for a variety of reasons, and have no moral dimension. and that is all.



Sleeping Beauty AU where the princess was born on a Leap Day, so when the evil fairy curses her to prick her finger “on her 16th birthday”, her family realizes that’s not the same thing as her 16th year of life and she’ll actually be in her 60′s when it happens.

By the time the Royal Counsellor has finished speaking the King looks slightly less like he might faint and the Queen actually looks a little hopeful.

“Are you certain?” she pressed.

“Absolutely,” the Counsellor assured her. “I had one of my clerks take notes during all the fairy’s speeches for the exact purpose of studying their phrasing.”

“What,” the King blinked. “Even the good ones?”

The counsellor sniffed. “Especially the good ones.”

“So…so we can truly argue that it is the birthday that counts and not the passing of the years?” asked the Queen, colour returning to her cheeks.

“Indeed!” the Counsellor said with a smile. “So if my math is correct your daughter will be sixty-four when the curse enters into effect.”

“That is hardly what I would call a long and prosperous life!” the King protested.

“Ah, but it does give her Royal Highness the Princess a lot more time to find this contractually necessary one true love,” his Counsellor explained. “Quite a reasonable amount of time I would say, if she happens to be of a romantic and monogamous persuasion, of course.”

The royal couple looked equal parts relieved and bewildered.

“But there’s no need to worry about that just yet,” the Counsellor said comfortingly. “And besides. Times are moving on. That is the entire reason we have the High Court of Magical Justice. Why, just last month a transformed prince was kissed back to human by his platonic life partner after successful litigation against the original layer of the curse! It is riveting caselaw.”

“…this is a good thing, yes?” the King ventured.

“Very good,” the Counsellor nodded.

“Well then!” Her Majesty the Queen beamed. “In that case, I say we continue the celebrations!”

“Quite right, Your Majesty, quite right,” the Counsellor said with a bow. “If you need me, I shall be in my study.”


I’ve made posts like this half a dozen times by now I think, but it bears repeating:

If a cast member, a character, an anything, about a show makes you viscerally angry, you need to take a step back and reconsider if you should continue watching the show. If you’re seeking out posts about a cast member, a character, a ship, or anything else to rile yourself up while you send hate to the people who posted it, you need to consider if you’re doing this as a form of self-harm. Because that’s one type of it. And next, you need to consider why you’re wasting energy on strangers when you could instead seek help for your anger issues.

No member of the cast needs “defending” from their best friends. If they ever had an issue between them, they would deal with it quietly and off camera. They are adults and you don’t know them. Parasocial relationships do not mean you can tell their off-screen relationships that you never see. No one is sending you coded hints about their discomfort. You don’t know them and they’re not your friends.

Take time away from engaging with a show, a fandom, media in general if you’re taking it this far. Don’t harass people online or in real life. Spending your free time dedicated to posting anger and hate will only hurt you most in the long run. Take a breath. Move on.




How the media depicts the Apollo 11 mission:

Actual quotes from the Apollo 11 mission:

also according to michael collins when the three of them were discussing what neil armstrong should say when he first stepped on the moon, collins suggested armstrong say “Oh, my God, what is that thing?”  and then scream and cut out his mic.

Everyone forgets Michael Collins and it’s fucking tragic.


psa: if you’re a broke millennial who wants to do something small to help out struggling minorities right now, eat at a local chinese restaurant next time you go out. i just went to a lunch buffet, and the lady who runs it was so appreciative we were there because apparently business has been extremely slow for a lot of chinese places since the coronavirus outbreak. people are actually afraid of catching the virus from immigrants who haven’t been to china in years/decades, and it’s starting to have a negative impact on their livelihoods now that we’re a month into the panic.

Etsy is somehow being even worse, do not click etsy ads





Etsy is now forcing shop owners to be part of their ads. We can not opt out.

To anyone who buys from etsy: DO NOT EVER CLICK THEIR ADS

They are rolling out a program where if you get a sale from an ad they put out, they’re taking 12-15% of the profit(probably on top of the like, 5%ish+ they already take). Even worse, if you have clicked an Etsy ad in the last 30 days ANYONE YOU BUY FROM ON ETSY IN THAT PERIOD WILL BE BILLED THAT FEE. 

So please, if you see an ad for something you like off etsy, do not click it. Just go on etsy and search for it.

This is somehow worse than what storenvy used to pull. 

Please go directly through an artist or see if they have their own storefront (I use bigcartel) instead of purchasing off etsy. And if you must, just please, please, never click an etsy ad.

👆This is from another take for shops that made 10,000 and can’t opt out

Oh for fuck’s sake.


some of the most important health & fitness tips I wish someone told me when I started out:

  • modify your moves. Don’t worry if you can’t squat down all the way or can’t run for too long, you can only get better from here!
  • I don’t care what your hyperactive fitness instructor tells you - drink your water and take a break if you need it. you are not a machine. don’t destroy your health trying to get fit
  • protein and carbs are your friends
  • don’t ask random blogs on tumblr serious health questions you could look up or ask a doctor
  • don’t try to match your instructor’s pace during a workout. It’s form, not speed. Do not compete with them. 10 good lunges > 20 sloppy ones
  • don’t have weights? Find something heavy - a textbook, water bottles, whatever works for you
  • Always do a quick warm up and cool down
  • Treat yourself often
  • forget workout clothes. You don’t need Nikes and expensive yoga pants. An old tee shirt and some cheap gym shorts will do just fine
  • Stay hydrated
  • Trial and error. Success is a bumpy road
  • Do not compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 10
  • Fitspo posts and before & afters are great but remember you can be the same height & weight as someone and never look like them. You never know the full story behind that picture
  • Try not to measure your progress in strictly numbers
  • Calories do not reflect nutrition.
  • Peanut butter is higher in fat but are healthy fats
  • Fruits have natural sugar in them that your body needs DO NOT AVOID FRUITS
  • 1200 calories is barely enough to survive
  • Please do not do just cardio alone
  • Quality over quantity. A 30 minute intense workout will always beat a half ass 2 hour elliptical workout
  • Try different things. You may like running, you may not. Maybe yoga, swimming, dance, hiking, etc. Try things out.
  • All you need is your body to work out. Don’t stress over gyms
  • Do it for YOU. Not the boys and the crop tops and the “stares”
  • Rest days are essential. Take as many as you need. Never skip a rest day, your body needs to heal
  • Losing weight does not guarantee happiness. It never does. Don’t put your other problems on hold to focus on your body, they’ll catch up with you ten fold later and it’s not fun

February 26 2020

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Absolutely necessary 

Something that’s been talked about in the college I work at is the issue with internet access to rural, traditionally farm-based towns—it’s not uncommon for families to have to find places like McDonalds for Internet access, which can severely limit the success of kids compared to more urban areas. In a time where family owned farms and rural opportunities are shrinking, this can really handicap young ppls ability to succeed in other fields or areas of study, which can further put rural communities into a position of lack of opportunity, resulting in poverty and a lot of public health issues like continued/increased drug epidemics, etc

Like it may not seem like a big deal to ppl who have fairly easy internet access, but this is kind of a big deal. Access to internet is a necessity for success in the modern era, and accessibility is a big issue and a huge handicap to communities that are already struggling with keeping up. This, and access to health resources (since a private model of healthcare discourages health resources from establishing in poor/rural spaces as it doesn’t result in as good of a profit, and docs have to pay their student loans) is kind of a necessary step in reducing poverty cycles in many communities

Accessible infrastructure is doable, and it is a key to establishing equality. Listen to ppl who understand that and have an economic vision for making it a reality


new meme template




one of the best tips for Real Life that I’ve ever picked up is to always highball your estimate whenever someone asks you “when can you get this done by” by about 25% (if you can get away with it). that way, if it ends up being harder than you thought, you’ve got extra time to figure things out and if you were right about how much time it takes then you get to look like an absolute genius instead of just a simply competent person.

what you may not have realized is that I learned this crucial piece of life advice from an episode of Star Trek where Scotty is telling Geordi that whenever he told Kirk something on the Enterprise was at full capacity, it was always only ever a notch or so below full capacity so that Scotty looked like the god of all engineers when he was able to magically hack the warp drive to run a little beyond what he’d told everyone else was “full capacity” and honestly that one throwaway gag from Star Trek has changed my life.

I have absolutely used The Scotty Manoeuver in real life. 10/10, would recommend.

This is actually just best practice estimation because quite often you encounter unexpected circumstances that take up more time than you initially estimated. Your initial estimate is generally to solve the problems you know about, you are almost certainly going to encounter problems you don’t know about.

My old manager, who was a very good manager, always told his employees that you should take your initial estimate and double it, and that is the real time it will actually take you. This way you actually have time to do the job right, which saves everyone problems down the line.

We have been conditioned by our schooling system and pressure by poor managers to make poor estimates and then work extra hard, pull over time, and cut corners to get it done in time.






See this is why that post “you don’t want to be rich you want to live comfortably” doesn’t do it for me.

I DO want to be rich so when someone says “Oh shit my phone died I’m screwed…” I want to be able to say “Shit, here’s a prepaid visa code or something like that go get a new one.”

I don’t want to be rich, I want everyone to live comfortably.

Rip to the current oppressive class, but I’m different


star trek where everything’s the same but instead of saying “fascinating” Spock says “wild”


sylvester also thinks it’s important to take care of ur wrists and he’s right

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